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As a leader, you know all too well how lonely it is at the top. While you may have advisors, they have their own agendas and can’t fully relate to the unique challenges you face in your role.

But connecting with real peers – leaders of similar organizations who’ve been in your shoes – can change everything. They understand your perspective and priorities in leading a complex organization.

Through confidential peer sharing, you gain access to solutions, insights, and opportunities that you’d never uncover on your own. By tapping into the collective experience around you, you can make smarter decisions and take your leadership to new heights.

You don’t have to go it alone. Join a peer advisory group that understands your role as a leader.

Monthly Peer Group Meetings

Give and receive valuable feedback and experiences with fellow CEOs from non-competing businesses

Expert Speakers

Stay current on best practices and be inspired to take action with monthly presentations from world-class speakers.

1:1 Executive Coaching

1:1 coaching for CEOs, presidents, and owners can keep you accountable and on track to achieve your goals.

Designed for CEOs/Executive Leaders

Below are just a few of the typical challenges members face and how their peer group helps them make the best decision possible.


Challenge - You're New to the Seat

Whether your title is CEO, President, COO, Director or whatever, you’re new to this leadership role and the responsibilities of the position.


Peer Group Solution

Join a group of high-integrity leaders and learn from their experiences on the job. It’s the fastest way to get wisdom and training from those who have been there, done that.


Challenge - Employee Engagement

Whether you run a non-profit or for-profit organization, you need employees connected to your mission and values in order for them to thrive.


Peer Group Solution

Learn what non-competing leaders are doing in their organizations to create powerful missions that inspire people. Get caring feedback on what you’re doing and ways you may be able to improve.


Challenge - Raising Equity

You’re not sure if you should raise money to seek aggressive expansion or continue to build the business without raising private equity or venture capital.


Peer Group Solution

Get your critical decision processed using our structured decision framework and receive unbiased, objective feedback in a confidential setting from non-competing CEOs with real-world experience.


Challenge - Succession Planning

You’re concerned about succession planning and how to structure the business so that it endures without you and benefits its stakeholders.


Peer Group Solution

Many of the businesses in your peer group are family businesses are ESOPs. You’ll learn how and why other CEOs dealt with succession planning so you can make the best decision for your business.


Challenge - Recruitment/Retention

You’re struggling to both recruit and retain key employees and are concerned that your business can’t grow unless you solve this critical problem.


Peer Group Solution

Since your peer group members come from non-competing industries, they’ll gladly share what they’ve done so that you have access to the best practices of what’s working (and what’s not) so you can maximize your performance.


Challenge - Imposter Syndrome

Yes, you’re the CEO…but you may wonder if you deserve that title since you’re often unsure of what decisions to make or what direction to steer the ship.


Peer Group Solution

You’ll be comforted to hear that almost all leaders deal with “imposter syndrome” and your group’s experience will help you grow into the CEO role with confidence.


Challenge - Leadership Development

You want to grow your business to the next level, but you’re not sure of the best way to develop leaders. Plus you have underperforming people you’re not sure what to do with.


Peer Group Solution

Learn how other CEOs and founders dealt with underperforming managers who “couldn’t keep up” and how they identified great leadership candidates and developed strong leadership teams.

How Peernacle Peer Groups Work

  • Structured agenda led by a professionally trained strategic facilitator.
  • Depend on support from other CEOs for difficult decisions you face.
  • Gain valuable perspective from CEOs with no vested interest beyond helping you succeed.
  • Share and learn from impartial reviews of financials and key performance indicators in a safe, trusting environment.
  • Build relationships with local CEOs and learn about their businesses.
  • Learn cutting-edge strategies and best practices in interactive expert speaker workshops.
  • Professional workshops on various leadership topics such as employee engagement, succession planning, strategy, etc., so you can better address current business challenges.
  • Personal workshops on wellness, nutrition, and work/life balance so you can present the best version of yourself to your business, your community, and your family.
  • Get ideas and tips from experts to help you see new opportunities and continually grow as a leader.
  • Quarterly one-to-one coaching meetings to set key goals, dive into your challenges, opportunities, and most pressing issues.
  • Your strategic facilitator will serve as a confidant and sounding board to help you navigate your most pressing challenges and exciting opportunities.
  • Get confidential and private feedback on issues impacting your business from your strategic facilitator.
  • Grow personally and professionally to inspire others.

Let’s Grow Together!

Imagine having a small group of non-competing CEOs who understand your role and challenges. Who don’t want anything from you except to help you succeed.

That’s the power of Peeracle’s peer groups. We connect the most successful executives and leaders across Roanoke, Lynchburg, and southern Virginia. Together, we confidentially share expertise, challenge assumptions, and arrive at better decisions.

Join us and accelerate your growth through trusted peer connections.

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