My peers provided the punch list I needed to grow as a leader


Todd Morgan

President, MB Contractors

“If you don’t have time for a peer group like this, you likely need it most.”

As CEO of Roanoke-based MB Contractors, Todd Morgan understood that maximizing his leadership potential required diverse perspectives.

With over two decades of experience running a commercial construction company, Todd had deep industry knowledge. However, he recognized that even seasoned leaders need fresh points of view.

By joining a local peer group in Roanoke with leaders from various industries, Todd gained insights that have pushed him to rethink long-held assumptions. Brainstorming with CEOs facing different challenges has helped him and the other group members to be aware of the blindspots they may have.

“The best part is the variety of vantage points for approaching problems,” Todd explained. “And, the discipline to make time to meet each month and step away to think strategically has been particularly needed, and valuable.”

Todd has also been a longtime member of a construction industry peer group, one that he values. However, the Roanoke area CEO group he belongs to provides a much more diverse mindset that the construction industry peer group lacks.

“Blending insights from his industry peers with outside perspectives has eliminated my mental blindspots,” Todd said.

Todd says that his Peernacle peer group has been valuable beyond just helping him with his business. It has also provided reinforcement about the importance of self-care as a leader.

“As CEOs, we all seem to struggle to find time to prioritize fitness, diet, and wellness. Discussing this struggle has helped us all understand the need to take care of ourselves so that we can be there to take care of our businesses and families,” Todd noted.

Todd highly recommends being a member of a peer advisory group.

“It’s powerful to share ideas and be honest with others who understand the loneliness and isolation of the job. If you don’t have time for a peer group like this, you likely need it most.”

For Todd, Peernacle’s CEO peer group has delivered diverse perspectives and accountability to help Todd scale MB Contractors to new heights.

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